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Syft vs. Dryrun for Financial Forecasting

Syft vs. Dryrun for Financial Forecasting

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Syft vs. Dryrun for Financial Forecasting

Syft vs. Dryrun for Financial Forecasting

From the CFO of a multinational to an SME leader trying to get their head around their finance products and most effective ways to forecast, having there sources on board for effective cash flow analysis and intelligent forward projections can make all the difference.

Naturally, the enterprise level SaaS world is teeming with plenty of examples of just such tools. Among the most popular of these is Syft – and in many ways, this makes perfect sense. Operating as a moderately intuitive and in-depth forecasting and finance tool, Syft has become a valued asset to many CFO professionals.

However, making the most of your finance goals means having the best tools for the job on hand. With that in mind, is Syft the best choice for your business – or could a software solution such as Dryrun have more to offer your unique forecasting and financial analysis needs?

Let’s explore some of the pros and cons in greater depth today.

Syft does a lot right, a lot of the time

To begin with, it’s important to emphasize that the success that Syft enjoys makes a great deal of sense, in the world of finance software for enterprises.

Syft offers a number of advantages. Positioned as a one stop solution for reviewing, analyzing and forecasting with financial data, the software leans predominantly on historical records in generating financial reporting to help steer businesses forward.

It’s a tool that many CFO and similar professionals have come to make solid use of in running their medium sized organizations as effectively as possible. In times as economically uncertain as the ones we are all living through today, anything that can help make accurate projections in finance is always appreciated.

However, we created Dryrun because we recognized that there are gaps in the market and needs as yet unfulfilled for organizations in need of advanced finance software for forecasting, analysis and plenty more besides.

Therefore, with everything Syft is able to do, are there things a business often requires that it cannot yet fulfill?

Where does Syft fall short for modern businesses?

Businesses today need to be more nimble, more agile and more ready to change tactics on a dime than ever before. The secret to doing that is better data – and for data pertaining to finance, it needs to be able to help with forecasting and projections in a highly detailed way that covers all of the bases.

Unfortunately, Syft offers only quarterly or monthly finance analysis periods for users to look through – missing the more granular details and ability to see weekly and daily reports that can provide the deep dive a CFO often needs to plan ahead.

There is a current lack of operational cash management capability within Syft overall, and it likewise can be challenging for users to add further information to the software, not least thanks to its strongest focus being on profit and loss metrics.

For the likes of auditing and tax compliance, there is plenty here to help any CFO get the job done – yet that all important agility is somewhat harder to find.On top of that, Syft uses historic data to evaluate its forecasting models.

As any economist will tell you, using past performance to gauge future profitability is an oftentimes inaccurate way to do business – you need a tool that features market dynamics and unique opportunities and challenges as part of its projections model.

What does Dryrun do differently Versus Syft?

For those businesses helmed by a CFO or finance professional that values deep, richer data with a more intuitive interface, Dryrun is able to offer accuracy, fine tune details and enhanced forecasting capabilities based on numerous key data points in the value chain.

Dryrun synchronizes finance data with top ERP and accounting tools, creating a far more integrated approach to forecasting and financial planning. With a crisp and intuitive interface, the goal is for a CFO or other finance professional to be able to show their findings – be that analysis, forecasting or simply at a glance knowledge on the company’s financial health – to anyone.

Rather than becoming bogged down in spreadsheets and having to create reports that explain reports that explain reports, Dryrun has been intentionally designed in such a way that the data and advice it offers is easily understood by both aCFO and a colleague for whom the world of finance is a thousand miles away from their field of expertise.

This facilitates better communication – and with it, better decision-making. With an implementation process that’s as pain-free as they come, coupled with a more visual and therefore actionable style that can be up to 80% faster than forecasting with spreadsheets alone, Dryrun is designed for organizations seeking greater means of agility and more accurate financial projections.

What makes Dryrun so different from Syft and other finance software?

Remember, there is little wrong with Syft or any other finance software available to organizations today. Dryrun simply offers a differentiated alternative, developed in tandem with the pain points we recognized were causing slowdown and frustration for many finance professionals in a wide range of industry verticals.

To this end, the greatest strengths that Dryrun offers versus Syft and other software solutions is its flexibility and intuitive design ethics. In other words, Dryrun has been designed so that if and when a CFO decides to screen-share their finance projections over a company video call meeting, their coworkers can recognize exactly what’s being explained before they even have to explain it.

Built with the capability to zoom right out for long term finance projects, yet also zoom in down to weekly, daily or even individual transaction data, Dryrun has adopted a novel approach to scenario modeling with in-depth filtering capabilities.

In times like these, being buffeted by the circumstances of global economics isn’t an option – but to overcome that, a CFO or organization needs unparalleled levels of precision and control. With Dryrun, analyzing the history of your finances and the forecasting that current dynamics open up to you can make strategizing far more intuitive and accurate.

Are you ready to give it a try?


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