About Dryrun

Dryrun started out with the business owner in mind. Now we help both businesses and their trusted advisors.

The Dryrun Story

The beginning

Our Co-founder, Blaine Bertsch, worked in the trenches of small business, running a growing creative agency for over a decade. He turned to spreadsheets to build the models that guided him out of the 2008 recession. Through that experience he discovered the true power of projections, using the forecasts to plug a leaky sales pipeline, grow revenue, build profit and lower risk.

But spreadsheets proved incredibly time-consuming to build, complicated to update, error-prone and nearly impossible to explain. There had to be a better way.

So Blaine sold that business and turned his attention to Dryrun, bringing Co-Founder, Tariq Bacchus, to bring the vision to life.

Our History

Since our launch in 2016, the Dryrun team has continued to learn about clients challenges and has continued to evolve the tool to meet those critical needs. We've been both fortunate and honoured to be part of some truly amazing programs since our inception, including:

The Intuit $100k App Showdown, where the founders pitched Dryrun in the epicenter of silicon valley.

Selected as a Top-32 Canadian Fintech App and featured at the Sibos Conference in Toronto, Ontario.

Invited into the AICPA/CPA.com Accelerator, in NYC where Blaine and Tariq discovered the opportunity to equip the profession with a valuable tool in Client Advisory Services.

Chosen for the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator to help businesses emerge from the pandemic slowdown and succeed in the new world.

Not only is Dryrun helping business owners and internal finance staff across the globe to reduce their risk, improve productivity, lower costs and grow their revenue, Dryrun has also become the quintessential software system for finance pros offering client advisory services.

Today, CPAs, Bookkeepers, Accounting Firms, and Fractional CFO's are all bringing true insight and real solutions to their clients with unmatched efficiency, clarity and effectiveness.

The Dryrun Management Team

Blaine Bertsch
Blaine Bertsch
Co-Founder & CEO

Blaine Bertsch is the CEO & Co-Founder of Dryrun and oversees the strategic direction and core operations for the company. Prior to starting Dryrun – Blaine founded a Creative Agency that drove his passion for business management and design. Successfully weathering the 2008 recession inspired the creation of Dryrun. In 2019, Blaine released his book, Chronic Cash Flow, which takes an in-depth look at root causes of cash flow problems and offers an effective solution to crushing the affliction. Blaine has a Master of Design degree from the University of Alberta and a lifetime of entrepreneurial experience.

Tariq Bacchus
Tariq Bacchus
Co-Founder & CTO

Tariq Bacchus is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Dryrun. Tariq leads Dryrun’s technical advancement, integration and security, as well as development and operations. Just like how the core of Dryrun’s financial forecasting is forward looking, so too is Tariq’s initiative to oversee the future, map it, then implement it. His focus is ensuring that Dryrun operates at optimal efficiency, while spearheading the company’s technological innovation. Tariq has an Information Systems Degree (BAIST) from NAIT and over 10 years of full-stack development experience.

Katherine Schraeder
Katherine Schraeder
Director of Client Success

Katherine Schraeder is Dryrun’s Client Success Director, a role that suits her drive for finding solution-oriented answers to clients’ hurdles. Drawing on skills acquired from several years of work experience in Customer Service, she ensures that every client at Dryrun has a warm, helpful, and engaging experience right from the moment they first contact us to the moment our support is not required anymore. Prior to joining Dryrun, Katherine discovered her passion for building strong relationships with customers and maintaining an encouraging and effective stream of communication within the workplace by working in the field of Human Resources. She has also worked as a Fitness and Nutrition coach, providing her with the expertise to be diverse and adaptable to every client.

Drew English
Drew English
Charter & Co.
Not having cash flow on the back of my mind all day as a "what if" is really a big game changer. I'm done feeling the pain of cash flow.
Drew English
Drew English
Charter & Co.

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