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Get Dryrun working for you.
Fast Integrations
Connect your accounting software or your CRM.
Exceptional Control
Manually enter your data with ease.
Powerful Visuals
Critical information presented in easy-to-read graphs.
Flexible Forecasting
Project-based? Invoice-based? We cover it all.
Dynamic Scenarios
Smoothly add, delete, adjust, and model your options.
Unmatched Power and Control
Multiple Locations
Connect Your Books
Up-to-the minute forecasts any time you need them.
Powerful Visuals
Know the state of your business at-a-glance.
Live Currency Conversion
Daily, Weekly & Monthly
Toggle views to focus on the details, or see the big picture.
Intelligent Automation
Unlimited Scenarios
Compare your options with crystal clear models.
Manage Dependencies
Easy Collaboration
Share your forecast, control access, and export.

Automatic Forecasting

Auto-Forecast Cash Flow & Sales
Instant visibility into your income & expenses.

Forecast vs. Actuals
Compare your projections to what actually happened.

Full Manual Control
Easily enter your sales or cost projections.

Dynamic Scenario Modeling

Easy-to-Understand Visuals
Straightforward graphs for meaningful conversations.

Advanced Modeling
Quick model nearly anything, even complicated compound growth.

Think Big Picture
Multiple locations and multiple currencies in the same forecast.

Effective Cash Management

Know How Payment Timing Affects Your Cash
Effortlessly change the due dates on invoices and bills.

Instant Insight
Up-to-date overview of your financials any time.

One-Way Sync
Forecast, Model, and Manage without changing your books.

Ultimate Forecasting Tool

See if Dryrun is a fit for you.

How do you work?

Drew English
Drew English
Charter & Co.
Not having cash flow on the back of my mind all day as a "what if" is really a big game changer. I'm done feeling the pain of cash flow.
Drew English
Drew English
Charter & Co.
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