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Budget Planning Power

Establish a Roadmap
Budgets with input from all stakeholders leads to effective decision-making and resource allocation.

Tracking performance
Compare actuals to budget figures, and discover insights into financial performance to identify opportunities for improvement.

Budget Roll-up

Streamlined, Simple Process
Involve all stakeholders by providing intuitive tools for consolidating, sharing and visualizing budget data.

Informed Decisions
Provide decision-makers with accurate, real-time financial data to support strategic decision-making.

Stakeholder Communication

Transparent Reporting
Generate clear, comprehensive reports comparing actual performance to budgeted targets.

Aligning Stakeholders
Budgeting and variance analysis helps align internal and external stakeholders, such as investors and board members.

Budget Building & Analysis App

Budget vs. Actuals Variance Features
Other Tools
Simple Budget Building at all Levels
Budget Consolidation
Simple Mutli-Level Budget Roll-up
Collaborate on Budgets
User Access Control
Compare Budget Scenarios
Intuitive Interface
Customizable Categories
Automated Data Import
Complete Manual Control
Real-Time Updates
Historical Comparisons
Reporting and Dashboard
Drill-Down Analysis
Scalability for Multi-level Organizations
Forecast Sensitivity Analysis
Budget to Actuals Variance Analysis
Budget to Actuals Down to the Account Level
Dynamic Rolling Budget
Straight Forward Budget Allocation
Drew English
Drew English
Charter & Co.
Not having cash flow on the back of my mind all day as a "what if" is really a big game changer. I'm done feeling the pain of cash flow.
Drew English
Drew English
Charter & Co.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about billing, plan features, upgrades, and trial periods.

What is Dryrun and how does it assist in budget building?

Dryrun is a robust budget building and variance analysis software that simplifies the process of creating, managing, and analyzing budgets for businesses. The software allows users to import or directly input revenue and expense data, allocate funds to different categories, and set financial goals with ease. By offering customizable scenarios and an intuitive interface, Dryrun streamlines budget building, empowering businesses to plan and allocate resources effectively across multiple departments and levels.

How does Dryrun facilitate budget roll-up?

Dryrun enables budget roll-up by aggregating individual budgets from various departments, projects, or cost centers into a consolidated view. With its built-in roll-up functionality, users can easily combine and summarize budget data to create comprehensive reports and analyze financial performance at the organizational level and rollup the budget to the next management level with ease. This feature ensures alignment between departmental budgets and overall business objectives, providing stakeholders with a holistic view of the company's financial health.

Can Dryrun support collaboration in budgeting processes?

Yes, Dryrun offers robust collaboration features that foster teamwork and communication during the budgeting process. The software allows multiple users to access and edit budget data simultaneously, facilitating real-time collaboration, and share budgets with other users for input and roll-up. Users can edit and adjust, when they have the granted access, generate alternate scenarios to discuss, leave comments, and work with team members directly within the platform, streamlining communication and ensuring everyone stays informed and aligned.

How does Dryrun help with variance analysis?

Dryrun provides powerful tools for conducting detailed variance analysis to compare budgeted figures with actual financial performance. Users can track variances between budgeted and actual revenues, expenses, and other financial metrics down to the individual account level in order to identify discrepancies and opportunities for improvement. With customizable reports and visualizations, Dryrun makes it easy to analyze variances, pinpoint trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize financial outcomes.

Is Dryrun budget building software easy to use?

Absolutely! Dryrun prioritizes ease of use, offering intuitive interfaces and user-friendly tools that simplify the budgeting process. Whether you're a finance professional or a novice budget planner, Dryrun's guided workflows and a helpful knowledge base ensure a seamless user experience. Additionally, comprehensive training resources and responsive customer support are available to assist users and enhance their proficiency with the software.

Can Dryrun handle complex budget structures?

Dryrun is equipped to handle complex budget structures with ease. The software allows users to create hierarchical budgets with multiple levels of detail, enabling them to organize and manage budgets according to their specific needs. Whether it's departmental budgets, project budgets, or cost center budgets, Dryrun provides the flexibility to accommodate diverse budget structures and ensure accuracy and transparency.

How does Dryrun streamline the budget approval process?

Dryrun streamlines the budget approval process by providing dynamic, live and collaborative budgets offering line-of-sight to all stakeholders. Users can set up custom approval workflows, define approval roles and permissions, control what budgets are submitted and when to keep stakeholders informed at every step of the process. This ensures accountability, transparency, and efficiency in the budget approval process, enabling timely decision-making and budget sign-off.

Can Dryrun integrate with other financial systems and tools?

Yes, Dryrun offers seamless integration with a variety of financial systems and tools, including accounting software, ERP systems, and business intelligence platforms. Through integrations with popular software applications such as QuickBooks, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Excel imports, Dryrun enables users to import financial data directly into the platform, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring data accuracy and consistency across systems.

Does Dryrun offer real-time budget tracking and monitoring?

Dryrun provides real-time budget tracking and monitoring capabilities, allowing users to monitor budget performance and track expenditures in real-time. With interactive dashboards, users can view budget vs. actual comparisons, track spending trends, and identify variances as they occur. This real-time visibility enables proactive decision-making and helps users stay on top of their finances at all times.

How does Dryrun assist with forecasting and scenario planning?

Dryrun facilitates budget forecasting and scenario planning by providing users with tools to create multiple budget scenarios and analyze their potential impact on financial outcomes. Users can simulate different scenarios, such as best-case, worst-case, and most likely scenarios, and evaluate the financial implications of various business decisions. This enables businesses to anticipate changes, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions to achieve their financial goals.

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