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Jirav vs. Dryrun for Financial Forecasting

Jirav vs. Dryrun for Financial Forecasting

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Jirav vs. Dryrun for Financial Forecasting

Jirav vs. Dryrun for Financial Forecasting

Your being here tells us two things:

One, you are on the hunt for a comprehensive solution to help you with your business finances; two, you are considering Dryrun or Jirav to fill that need.

You’ve come to the right place. We will examine how Jirav stacks up against our Dryrun in terms of functions, features, and usability. We will also make the case that Dryrun may be the best fit for you. Our intention here is not to disparage Jirav, rather it’s to highlight some areas where we believe Dryrun excels and may prove to be the best tool for your needs.

An Overview of Jirav

Jirav offers financial planning and analysis that includes financial projections and growth forecasts. It reports the current state of your business finances in real-time to help you make decisions. The service is primarily an FP&A solution that focuses on growth planning.

What’s Jirav good at

Jirav enables businesses to forecast, budget, report and analyze their data, while providing insights into the future of their business, helping them to make informed decisions. It puts a greater emphasis on past performances, KPIs, variances and similar parameters.

It compiles reports and financial forecasts by consolidating data relating to accounting, workforce, and operations.

Jirav creates spreadsheet-style visuals to give you solid insight into the direction of your business.

Where Jirav Less-Eqipped

Jirav does not excel as a cash flow management solution, rather it’s a means to predictive financial analysis. If excellent cash management is also something that you are seeking, then you may be better equipped with a different solution.

Jirav is not built to manage your finances down to the transaction level. This means you may find it challenging to see where your business is leaking money and to manage the various inflows and outflows of cash. Jirav doesn’t have the kind of metrics that you need to help you optimize your cash flow — one of the many things Dryrun excels at.

A nutshell overview of Dryrun

Dryrun provides an automated, cloud-based solution for cash management, financial modeling, and business forecasts — neatly bundled into one comprehensive package. It keeps track of all your financial data and takes care of all the number-crunching to present you with reports and projections that are sensible, accurate, crystal clear and easy to understand.

Where Dryrun Excels

Jirav is a spreadsheet-based service. And where there are spreadsheets involved, there can be both a steep learning curve and a challenge to communicate with stakeholders. Dryrun, on the other hand, delivers a modern, simple and intuitive interface. But don’t let its straightforward interface fool you, Dryrun comes packed with some powerful tools at its disposal that help you make better business decisions.

Dryrun has a cash management solution baked right in. It is always aware of your finances and has a better understanding of how your money is being used. With Dyrun, you will have unparalleled control over your finances with complete flexibility. You can create budgets, track your expenses, and manage your spending.

Dryrun syncs with most of the leading accounting and ERP tools. It integrates with some of the world's leading platforms, such as Quickbooks Online, Xero, Sage Intacct, Oracle Netsuite, and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and others.

Dryrun presents you with clear, actionable visuals based on real and accurate data. This information is always at your fingertips, and the insights will help you make informed decisions. You will always know exactly what’s going on with your cash, where you should increase your focus, and if you should take any corrective measures.

Information is most useful when it is readily available and easily understandable. Dryrun delivers the data for you in the form of crisp, easy to understand visuals. It makes identifying trends and tracking projections straight-forward and effective, saving 80% of the time that you would spend building and maintaining models in spreadsheets.

If having powerful collaboration tools tops your priority list, Dryrun is a fit. Your team will be on the same page about your cash situation, your direction, and work as a whole to achieve your financial goals.

Dryrun has seamless implementation of accounting and reporting in its service. Once set up, it will run like a well-oiled machine, with all its powerful tools running in tandem to reduce complex cash management fundamentals into easily understandable bite-sized nuggets.

Who should use Dryrun

Dryrun’s ace up its sleeve is its ability to effortlessly marry simplicity with functionality. It can be used by any financial professional who wants to have a powerful cash management and financial modeling solution at their beck and call. It doesn’t matter how much revenue your company brings in — $1 million or $100 million — Dryrun will always find a way to help you manage your cash flow.

Final word

Dryrun is aware of the challenges that business owners, CFOs, and financial managers have when attempting to gain control of the financial aspects of their companies. The novel approach that Dryrun takes to financial management, planning, and scenario modeling is undoubtedly one of its most unique and distinguishing features. Dryrun can accomplish any task with an intuitive simplicity. From making long-term estimates to breaking down the data to the transaction level, Dryrun does it all with spectacular ease. It's blazing fast, and the best – you don't have to be a spreadsheet wizard to utilize the service to its fullest potential.

But don’t simply take our word for it. Book a free consultation to learn more, or start your free trial to see Dryrun’s magic in action.


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