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Dryrun's School for SaaS tools series helps users find the best cash flow app for their business. Check here for this month's cheat sheet: Fathom vs Dryrun

Fathom vs. Dryrun

With good reviews from users, the intent of our article here is to compare Fathom with Dryrun so that users and potential users are able to quickly evaluate and action the software that is the best fit for their business (and potentially their clients’ business).Each article examines the core questions of: what will business growth or profit look like with the right SaaS tool?  Which cash flow forecasting app is right for me?

Take a look at other articles for a comprehensive overview of the best financial software that the industry has to offer.If you’re after beautiful and powerful cash flow forecasting, Dryrun is king in the industry. However, reading more about what other apps offer is never a bad thing – it’s important that customers use software that works for their business and meets their needs.

Fathom vs. Dryrun

Each software app that we review is as unique as a fingerprint in how developers analyze, compile and visualize various financial data. Like Futrli, Fathom is centered around beautiful reports creation that integrates with accounting software giants like Xero and Quick Books Online. Ideal for some businesses but not for all, our in-depth comparison is a time investment that every business owner, accountant, and senior exec should make time for.

Fathom App Overview

Built for medium to large businesses that require numerous visualizations on financial and non-financial KPIs, benchmarks, and to a lesser degree, cash flow, Fathom users can build/customize/view reports in a variety of ways. Fathom makes data entry easy by integrating with QuickBooks Online, MYOB and Xero to get live data into the reporting framework.

Dryrun App Overview

Dryrun's backbone is the rapid assembly of a flexible budget that is easy to understand and that continues forever.  From there, unlimited cash flow and sales forecasting visualizations – aid businesses in their forward-focused operations.

Dryrun was built for business owners throughout a variety of industries such as the creative industry, manufacturing, viticulture and service firms. Varying bills and invoices can have a cataclysmic effect on cash flow if not managed proactively. Accountants also see the value in Dryrun for managing and advising their clientele across professions, as do those in finance within larger organizations.Straightforward to use and a powerful way to forecast operational decisions, users bring their data to create, manipulate and visualize different future 'what-ifs' on Dryrun's platform, which also features the ability to easily compare and contrast scenarios.

As both a trusted Xero Connected App and a QuickBooks Online App, users can easily import their day-to-day data - or use Dryrun's interface to flexibly enter recurring financials and from there add bills and invoices.Dryrun also integrates with Pipedrive for creating highly actionable sales forecasts that can be viewed with your budget and cash flow to illustrate to execs and your sales team which next steps are going to be of greatest value for business growth.

See if Dryrun is a fit for you.