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Pry vs. Dryrun for Cash Flow Forecasting

Pry vs. Dryrun for Cash Flow Forecasting

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Pry vs. Dryrun for Cash Flow Forecasting

Pry vs. Dryrun for Cash Flow Forecasting

If you are looking for a financial planning and analysis tool, it may be worth considering both Pry and Dryrun. Pry enables businesses to explore their finances, track their cash flow, predict sales, and automate many of the tasks related to business finance. Although it's a great platform, Dryrun offers the additional functionality within a truly modern and intuitive interface.

About Pry

Pry makes use of your accounting data to help you understand your business and make informed decisions. It’s a financial reporting tool for founders who aren't finance pros. It's built on an Excel-style foundation, but for your business. You can use it to track all of your company's expenses and revenue, as well as track employee hours, manage projects, and more.

You can also use Pry to keep track of your company's financial health. The app will give you daily reports on everything from revenue to expenses and help keep you on track of your goals.

Pry allows you to create a baseline forecast based on your current business plan and then change assumptions in order to gain a sense of what may happen through various outcomes. It's a good way to start thinking about how your business might evolve over time.

One potential downside to using Pry is that you need to be comfortable building and maintaining spreadsheets. This means that you'll need to know how to use Excel, or at least have someone on your team who does.

With Pry, you also have limited access to granular level adjustments. 

Pry Pros

  • Focused on founders rather than finance pros
  • Built on an spreadsheet-style foundation
  • Financial reporting 
  • Generalized forecasts 

Pry Cons

  • Need to understand and be comfortable with spreadsheets
  • Little access to granular level adjustments 
  • Scenario planning requires financial formulas 
  • Limited integrations

About Dryrun

Dryrun is a financial planning and analysis platform that lets you create custom financial models, giving you the freedom to manage your business’s cash flow, sales projections, and build scenarios with ease.

With Dryrun, you can create custom models that can help you manage your near term cash flow, through to sophisticated sales projections and expansion plans. All within an intuitive interface that can deal with highly complex and sophisticated operations. 

Main Features of Dryrun

Dryrun is a cloud-based cash management and financial modeling platform that gives you unmatched control over your finances. It’s easy to use and can automatically sync with leading accounting and ERP tools, so you can forecast your income, manage your expenses and build models to help you move into the future. 

Dryrun offers a user-friendly dashboard that helps you maintain multiple forecasts in one place. Forecasts allow you to view transactions, compare scenarios, monitor different entities, locations and consolidate data. You can also export reports into spreadsheets or PDF format for easy sharing with stakeholders.

Dryrun can help you visualize the relationships between multiple datasets so that you can spot trends and anomalies. It equips you to save 80% of the time you'd typically spend building and maintaining spreadsheets.

Dryrun is also a powerful collaboration tool, allowing teams to work together in real-time on shared forecasts, from any location. 

Finally, Dryrun's implementation process is painless. Once you sign up for a subscription plan, the Dryrun support team will walk you through every step of setting up your account so that it works smoothly from the start. 

Dryrun Pros

  • Easy and intuitive to use 
  • Unmatched control and flexibility 
  • Clear, actionable visuals 
  • Data sync with leading accounting and ERP tools
  • 80%-time savings over spreadsheets 
  • Powerful collaboration tools
  • Painless implementation

Dryrun Cons

  • Takes some time to learn the interface
  • Focus on forward-looking rather than past reporting


Both Dryrun and Pry offer tools to help businesses make sense of their data. Both platforms empower companies to gain actionable insights and gain more meaning from the information they have. 

Ultimately, if you can only choose one, Dryrun may be the better choice. Its modern, intuitive interface is simple, efficient and collaborative, while the powerful scenario-modeling, transaction-level views and incredible flexibility equips the user to tackle highly complex and sophisticated operations with ease.

But don’t simply take our word for it. Book a free consultation to learn more, or start your free trial to see Dryrun’s magic in action.


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