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Dryrun's School for SaaS tools series helps users find the best cash flow app for their business. This month's Spotlight Reporting vs Dryrun

Spotlight Reporting vs. Dryrun

Spotlight Reporting has a loyal following of business owners who find the features efficient in reporting and data visualization for businesses. We started this series of posts to compare and contrast the features of various tools like Spotlight with our favourite - Dryrun - to make sure that users can find the cloud tools that are the best fit for their business structures and processes.

New to learning about what cloud tools and their integrations can do for your business or non-profit organization? Our SaaS tool articles pick apart questions like: how can this software tool help my business profit and grow? Which cloud tool is right for us?

For more info check out our other articles for assessments of the best financial software that the industry has to offer. We still think that Dryrun is tops in the financial modeling and cash flow industry, and let's face it - managing your cash flow is one of the foundations of your business...so the more attention these types of cloud tools receive from business people and accountants, the better! Therefore, reading more about what other apps offer is never a bad thing – it’s important that users stay apprised of which software might meet their needs.

Spotlight vs. Dryrun

This series of articles has really helped us articulate how each cloud app we review is as unique as its developers.  Spotlight Reporting is similar to Fathom as users can create highly visual reports that can summarize or 'spotlight' data. Suitable for businesses that prefer bespoke reporting options beyond what accounting software provides.

Spotlight App Overview

Built for businesses that require numerous visualizations on financial data and to a lesser degree, cash flow, Spotlight Reporting users can build and customize reports in a variety of ways. Spotlight makes data entry easy by integrating with QuickBooks Online and Xero to get live data into the reporting framework.

Dryrun App Overview

The core of Dryrun is the speedy compilation - either manually or imported - of a flexible budget that is easy to understand and that continues forever with no additional effort. Once established, build unlimited cash flow and sales forecasts to help you understand what the future might look like and how you should strategize.

Business owners with highly variable cash flow in industries such as creative/IT, manufacturing, ag, and service firms find Dryrun extremely useful - as do their accountants and bookkeepers. Easy to use, Dryrun is a powerful way to forecast and visualize operational decisions. Users on your account can enter or import their data to create, manipulate and visualize different future 'what-ifs' on Dryrun's platform, easily comparing and contrasting scenarios.

Dryrun integrates with both Xero and QuickBooks Online, and day-to-day imports are easy and quick.Dryrun also integrates with Pipedrive to aid sales teams and management in creating highly realistic sales forecasts for viewing alongside your budget and cash flow.

See if Dryrun is a fit for you.