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Transformation vs Change

“Change” is replacing one thing with something else. “Transformation” is the word for a dramatic change from one entity into another. 

After 2020, most businesses that have come out on the other side have truly transformed themselves from what they once were into entirely new entities… and there’s no going back. 

These businesses and their owners have transformed how they complete their entire day-to-day operations. They did what they needed to survive, and now that we’re on the other side of 2020, they can refine their strategies and begin to thrive and grow. 

Many countries and cities are going into lockdown for the second time this year and instead of being met with fear and uncertainty, business owners are saying, “We’ve done this before and we’ve got this under control!”. After all, learning is doing, and we’ve already done this once in 2020. 

In fact, small to medium-sized businesses and even larger corporations have been able to adapt to whatever this year has thrown at them and have begun to put their own controls in place. Strategies have been adjusted, plans have been changed, and entire businesses have been pivoted. 

Ask yourself, as a business, have you captured innovation and intention this year? 

Have you put controls and tools in place to support you when you need it the most? If your country or city is in lockdown again, how would you handle it? 

It’s time we take this opportunity to create formal strategies to outline our business’s new ways of operation so we can track our progress and monitor our growth. This will help us continue to improve during times of uncertainty. 

By now, you’ve probably also realized who you want to surround yourself with, too. 

Being in the company of creative, collaborative people that stimulate ideas and faced the challenges of 2020 head-on is where you want to steer your ship. And if you’re still not in this mind-frame, you might want to evaluate your leadership capabilities. 

In fact, if some business leaders had met 2020 with less resistance and worked on pivoting their operations, they may not have suffered as many consequences. Embracing change can be difficult when processes are not flexible or transparent. This makes valuable insights difficult to come by and makes making informed decisions regarding your business next to impossible. 

Try transforming your business when you are 3 months behind on the books… it’s not looking so easy now, is it? Many businesses don’t even know where they stand financially until taxes are due. They could be dead in the water and not even know it. 

Leveraging technology to help make informed decisions. 

Leaning on technology can make these types of transformations a lot easier, and more insightful. By connecting to your cloud-based accounting software, you can run scenarios or access insights that would have previously taken weeks to prepare. 

In every scenario described above, Dryrun is the perfect solution. 

Worried about another scenario playing itself out in 2021? Enter it into Dryrun to see how prepared your business is. 

Collaborate from afar with your team, or share important insights with your financial advisors/accountants. Whatever the use case, we’ve got you covered. 

Work with Dryrun to look into the future. 

The year 2020 was a learning curve for everyone. If you want to look back on those insights and determine areas of opportunity to move forward, Dryrun is the perfect solution for you. 

Import data from your accounting software, compare scenarios, and collaborate to move your team forward while transforming your business. 

Whether you’re looking to compare possible scenarios quickly, manage invoices with features like due date tracking, or look at a number of forecasts (including cash flow, sales, or budget forecasts), Dryrun can help. 

The opportunity lies in the numbers, and your time is valuable. So, let’s go! Try Dryrun for free today or book an online demo here

See if Dryrun is a fit for you.