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Enterprise Solutions - Financial Modeling & Cash Management Tools

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Enterprise Solutions - Financial Modeling & Cash Management Tools

Enterprise Solutions - Financial Modeling & Cash Management Tools

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Enterprise Solutions - Financial Modeling & Cash Management Tools

Enterprise Solutions - Financial Modeling & Cash Management Tools

What is the purpose of cash management?

Cash management is the optimal use of cash for the maximum profitability and liquidity of the business. In simple words, it is the collection, disbursement, and investment of cash, which is the lifeblood of the business that is needed to generate adequate cash amount from the business activities.  When a company focuses on cash flow, the data that is revealed provides accurate information regarding the business’ real financial health and future accomplishments.

A company that aims for the growth and development of overall divisions also faces several financial hurdles. CFO, also called Chief Finance Officer, is one of the essential parts of any business and greatly enhances the structure and functioning of the business in question.

Cash management is also called treasury management, the collection, usage, and management of the cash flow. The significant aim of cash management is to maintain the liquidity of the business. Some of the preeminent usages of cash management are creating corporate cash flows, forecasting, tracking, and reporting. It helps in creating helpful solutions to manage the cash flows.

Importance Of Cash Management

It ensures that the company has sufficient cash to sustain its operations and financial obligations

It’s a record of all the financial activity taking place in the organization.

Best Tool For Managing Creating Financial Modeling

Cash flow management is a lot more than just looking at transactions - there’s a need to manage the future state of the business’ cash and for that, try Dryrun today.  

What is Dryrun?

Dryrun is the leading cloud-based solution for managing present cash while modeling future ‘what ifs’ that affect every business globally. Ideal for midsize businesses, Dryrun’s flexibility allows stakeholders throughout the organization to build, adjust and share multiple scenarios to stress-test strategy and operations.

Dryrun Features

Cash Management

Data Import/Export

Sales Forecasting

Consolidation of multiple entities across currencies, divisions, countries

Cloud accounting platform integrations

Spreadsheet upload

Benefits Of Dryrun

Are you searching for a cash management tool? Dryrun is the ideal choice for you. If your business is complex, requiring maximum attention, choosing the right service provider is essential while maintaining Dryrun. Here are some of the top benefits of using Dryrun for cash management.

Perform Financial Forecasting

Financial forecasting is one of the essential advantages of Dryrun. It is one of the prominent techniques several organizations employ to predict how much money a company will earn or lose in the upcoming days, indulging in projects, transactions, and activities. The financial forecasting is done visually in this tool that enables the accounting professionals to examine the different scenarios and opportunities to enhance the cash flow and make more money.

Collaboration With Employees

Dryrun has a unique feature, making it easy for the employees to collaborate during cash flow monitoring and handling. They can exchange confidential financial data, insights, forecasts within the company and make strategies accordingly.

Speeds Up Cash Inflows

It speeds up cash management by sending processing bills, invoices instantly. It also set up automated check-ins on the receiving accounts and optimized the inventory levels at the best level.  

Saves Money And Time

Money and time are two essential elements of a successful business. If your employees use their hands to count the total amount, there is a higher possibility of human error. Other than that, it is one of the time-consuming processes. If you want to save time and spend it on other effective activities to increase the productivity of your services, Dryrun is the right choice. It has automated features that make the cash management process easy and convenient to handle.

Monitors Company Financial Health

Implementing Dryrun is allows businesses and their finance team to manage present and future cash shortages, plan for idle cash usage and model scenarios.


Consider all the essential elements that keep your company in a good financial state and determines whether your company will grow or not. Investing in the tools and personnel is well worth the investment.

Interested in learning more about Dryrun? Speak with a member of our team today.


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