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Profit-based Cash Management: perfect for Advisors & Client businesses

For Profit: Cash Management

The "For Profit" method is a new way to view accounting practices and has proven to be a more effective way to manage a business. For Profit individuals really like Dryrun since it has already incorporated a better planning view of cash management, making it easy to run your business this way.


We already know that cash is the life of a business. Without cash, businesses will not be able to meet their expenses, pay investors/employees, or grow in any way. While companies may be “profitable” on paper, they can still have poor cash management and go months without any cashflow if it is not properly planned.


In this sense, cash flow indicates the true health of any business.

It is all about cash.

Cash flow is the key to meeting a business's daily needs and preventing it from entering debt. As a result, the business has a greater sense of control over its operations. Businesses that must borrow money to meet their expenses are likely to have their debtors have influence over how they are run. Debtors could become obstacles to the way the business is run if they hold contrary opinions to what management has in mind.


In the absence of sufficient cash flow, a business is unable to pay its suppliers, buy materials/inventory, or pay its employees, let alone invest in growth.

A better cash management system.

Managing cash flow correctly is essential for any company making a profit. This is achieved by enabling sales to outpace expenses.


Cash flow is a prime indicator of an organization's performance. It is directly linked to business operations, investments (capital equipment), and financing activities (raising funding and repaying funding). Organizations generate cash based on their operations, which then provides opportunities for management to manage and allocate cash flows for growth.


Accounting, accounts payable/receivable, and inventory can all be improved through better cash management.


By controlling who is granted credit (and on what terms), companies can control which customers owe them money and the terms of repayment. Following up/sending collections on late payments can be measures implemented to recover potentially lost cash flow to avoid unpaid bills.Establishing a credit policy and better approaches to areas where cash management can be improved is essential.


In regards to accounts payable, paying suppliers later can help keep cash “free” for immediate necessities as it is not good to have too much cash tied up in inventory. Many companies are now producing “on demand” if they have the capability, to avoid this tie up.


Because a company can make its earnings look better through different strategies, profits do not tell the whole story. The true health of a firm hinges on cash flow.


Cash is the key factor driving the management of operations, investments, and general activities of a business. In order to survive, adequate cvs flow must exist, which is why cash accounting for profit is so necessary. For profit cash management will help put the business in the best position to cover expenses, repay loans, and grow as a company. Consider cash management to meet both long-term and immediate needs with current funds.

See if Dryrun is a fit for you.