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Approach Strategies: Selling Advisory to Clients

How to expand your services with existing AND new clients. 

Accountants often do not understand the necessity of selling their expanded services to their existing customers. Let alone prospective ones. Lucky for you, there are three key strategies and ideas to help you succeed when selling advisory services!

We know that you’re already busy helping clients to achieve their financial or business goals. We’ll focus on the strategies that are easy to employ when working an already full schedule. But they do require some planning, so the sooner you can get started, the better.

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These three strategies will help you start expanding your services and selling advisory services to new and existing clients: 

  1. Focus on a niche
  2. Prioritize existing relationships
  3. Build an online presence 

Read on to learn more about each strategy and how it can help your firm expand their services. 

1. Focus on a niche

If your firm or practice is like other firms, you probably take on clients from all different industries because their underlying need for accounting services is the same. 

This strategy isn’t a bad one, because you never want to turn away a potential client. It’s also not the best one because you’re not specializing or focusing on a specific market, because you’re competing with every single other firm offering your same services. 

By focusing on a niche market, like the tech industry, or startups receiving venture capital, you can become known as “the startup accountant” or whatever you want. By establishing your expertise, you’re able to differentiate from other firms and receive referrals from your goal clients for doing such a stellar job in their industry. 

You’ll have less competition and more loyalty! Who could say no to that?

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2. Prioritize existing relationships

By prioritizing the relationships, you already have (you don’t want to “drop” any clients unless they are truly bad clients) you can explain the direction your firm is going and take them along for the ride to thank them for their loyalty. 

If you nurture the relationships, you already have, you won’t need to spend much money marketing your firm because the referrals will start rolling right in from your existing client base.

The best firms keep a newsletter to stay in contact with their client base, updating them on any new policies or potential tax breaks they could be eligible for, and more useful information. 

Since referrals are the most trusted form of marketing, they will likely bring in more clients that are like your ideal client. Which is great!  

3. Build an online presence 

If your firm is not taking advantage of digital marketing and all that it has to offer (for free!) you are behind. It shows that you are not current and not open to learning new forms of communicating with your current and potential clients. 

Sharing your wisdom and expertise on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, is an easy way to become a “thought leader” or established expert in your new niche. Users will share your content with their friends and colleagues who may be interested in your services, so it results in “free” marketing. All you need is your time. 

In addition to the more mainstream platforms, you’ll want all advisors and accountants at your firm to have up-to-date professional presences on sites like LinkedIn. No one wants to do business with an empty profile! 

Keep relevant social media platforms up to date, run a company blog for SEO purposes, and keep a newsletter to nurture your existing client relationships. These are all low-investment marketing practices that can do great things for your firm! 


When selling advisory services to clients, you don’t even really need to “sell” to make the sale. You just need to focus on providing your services for a specific niche, like real estate or small businesses; nurture your existing relationships with great clients for great referrals; and dedicate some time to building your (free) online presence to drive people to your services. 

All these activities will help you stay passionate while providing your new services and ensure long-term success. Remember, you don’t just want to be providing advisory services to anyone. Focus on including your existing clients in your growth strategy (you might lose some, and that’s okay) and if you provide value to those relationships, you will earn valuable referrals and grow your business organically.

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