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Faure Accounting

Penelope Faure, the owner and CEO of Faure Accounting shares the benefits of moving clients from a compliance/hourly mindset to advisory.

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Penelope Faure, the owner and CEO of Faure Accounting shares the benefits of moving clients from a compliance/hourly mindset to advisory.

Faure Accounting

Located California's Bay Area and also works remotely

Working mostly remotely, I have over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry with more than 700 completed projects.  Faure Accounting specializes in cash management, budgeting, financial modelling and forecasting for businesses in the 1M - 15M annual revenue range across the construction, architecture, IT/IS, non-profit, and wholesale industries.

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Key Results

Using Dryrun, I created three Dryrun scenarios to show the business' runway if they continued their present use of credit cards at year-end.
Each scenario showed him how unnecessary credit card borrowing was. He picked and used the scenario goals he was comfortable with.
By visually rearranging and optimizing the business' cash requirements, he ended the year without credit card debt. He saved himself thousands of dollars and he's incredibly happy.

The Problem

A service-based business has always approached year-end by borrowing on credit cards to meet commitments, then paying in January. We have worked together for a few years on compliance-related engagements - this year in our recovering economy - it was important for me to communicate how badly he could be impacted by using credit cards in this way.

How Dryrun Helped

Faure Accounting and Dryrun

A growing part of my practice is managing and advising on cash flow and the need seems to be growing - both in terms of the questions that my compliance clients ask me when we meet and the sporadic questions that come in for me through my online presence.

Rather than reacting to clients who come to us in a state of serious crisis, we’re moving to a total program of cash management solutions for their present and future needs. This has been an important shift and is what I’ve been doing with Dryrun.

After we've moved them to a real-time accounting environment, my clients are able to dig in to their business’ cash, which means that my practice has moved to emphasize advisory work - there is great value to businesses that engage a CFO for insights and advice on their business.

Dryrun software and the team behind it have been absolutely incredible. I have never experienced this level of professional support before and it’s truly wonderful. 

The team has helped optimize my business systems - for example, I now parlay recordings of client meetings into a viable working tool for my clients.

They've supported my marketing efforts and shared valuable and unique sales and client recruitment insights. As such, my business marketing efforts have improved dramatically. 

I've more than doubled my contacts in areas that have direct impact on my defined client reach. 

I’ve honed in on the CEOs in my selected industries.

I also have my first really grateful client who isn't subject to end of year credit card debt, due directly to my work with Dryrun's scenario forecasts for sales and expenses. 

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