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Roland QBO Financials LLC

I want to work with those clients that are strategic and tactical, that are business oriented, they're focused driven.

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I want to work with those clients that are strategic and tactical, that are business oriented, they're focused driven.

Roland QBO Financials LLC

Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland Areas and works remotely

Financial Management Professional with over 30 years experience providing Business Advisory and Compliance Support Services to Small Businesses and  Individuals. We work with clients that are goal-driven, results-oriented and vision-focused to become the best business owner possible.

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Key Results

I establish a relationship with them - have one of trust, and honesty, integrity, as well as transparency, I let them know that I am there for them in the long run.
Maybe we do some investments, maybe we buy more inventory, maybe you buy a revenue generating asset that's going to bring you another 5,10,15,20% growth over the next year.
It's more about making them aware, the decision is all the clients, I'm there to advise them, show them their capabilities, and to be very supportive of them.

The Problem

I've been working with this client for about a year, and he has experiencing enormous growth over the past year. Due to the growth, he's expanding his operations.

He's opening an administrative office, he's hiring employees. So, he has payroll, and some of the outlying expenditures to open this administer office. So even though he has adequate cash on hand, he's very concerned with these additional expenses, about his cash flow.

He's a little hesitant on moving out on a couple of additional things. So, during the period of discovery, I've met with my client and went over a couple things with him. And I asked him a question. As I describe cash flow to him and what that is, cash flow management, I asked the simple question, can you afford not to do this?

What you don't want to have happen is today, you seem to have adequate cash on hand. But with all the new expenditures and new outlays over the next 3,4,5,6 months, you don't want to find yourself where your cash-on-hand is at a point where it's lower than you expect it to be. And not another reason why.

So that's how our conversation started through the discovery, a couple of very simple conversations, and he did see the need to move forward with cash flow management Advisory Services.

How Dryrun Helped

Since establishing a partnership with Dryrun, I have to say I've been very impressed with their knowledge, expertise, and support. The (software) tool and the individuals, they just make you want to do better, they just make you want to be the very best at this. I have a passion for new things in accounting and anything financial.

The partnership and our work ethic were right in line. For this particular client, I was able to demonstrate to him using the Dryrun tool, using his current financial status. And using these additional outcomes, outlays of cash and expenditures as scenarios and then forecasting out over the next 12 months to show him where he would be fine in terms of cash flow, and where he wouldn't be fine. And I think that, for the most part gave him a visual picture of how things would look and put him at peace of mind.

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