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What motivated you to get into Cash Management and make a better career decision for yourself and your business?

What's Your Story? Why did you want to get into Cash Management?

Let’s think to the greater good of better ideas and better horizons for our CPA Firms.

Reflecting on our business and our choices is always a good idea. Don’t spend all your time doing it, but a certain level of reflection is necessary in order to make choices that will successfully affect your business and in turn, your clients. 

We know that people often think about changing careers or making modifications to the way their businesses operate because they want to achieve more for their lives. 

One way to do this is to step out of generic accounting and embrace the future of the CPA profession, offering Advisory or Consulting services as a new opportunity. 

The experience in changing your business to offer these services can be challenging - it’s not for the faint of heart - but it will be 100% rewarding if you follow-through. 

On that note, here are 7 ways you can embrace the Cash Management dream for your CPA Firm this year: 

  1. Think sustainably 
  2. Take initiative 
  3. Reverse-engineer your dream career
  4. Focus on what’s important 
  5. Put your best foot forward 
  6. Put on your listening hat 
  7. Work together

Let’s take a closer look at each of these strategies

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Think sustainably 

You won’t get very far cutting a log with a dull saw. Along this logic, don’t overwork yourself when it comes to implementing your new Cash Management services. The whole reason for pursuing this route is to achieve a sustainable lifestyle, right? Give yourself the time you need to implement these changes - don’t burn yourself out. 

Take initiative 

While you absolutely don’t want to burn yourself out pursuing the addition of Advisory Services to your firm, you need to be the one steering the ship if you want to reap the benefits. 

What this means is you may need to delegate some of your regular responsibilities if you want to focus on implementing a new system. You must take responsibility for this shift in gears and spend your time strategizing, not carrying out “business as usual.”

Reverse-engineer your dream career

Consider where you want to end up. Retired at 55? What do you need to do in the next 5 years, 10 years, to achieve this?

This will take time and research on your end. Aiming for Advisory Services is a good first step. Working aimlessly and just carrying out the tasks of the day is not the way to achieve your dream career (or post-career) goals. 

This required envisioning your future and planning for it accordingly to make your dreams into a reality. 

Focus on what’s important 

Don’t just do the easy thing each day, do the thing that is most important each day. We can’t tell you what that is, but you need to evaluate and prioritize accordingly what needs to be done in order to achieve your dream career. 

Do the things that will bring you closer to your goals. Some tasks may be “urgent” and seem to pop up out of nowhere. Putting out fires every day will not bring you closer to your goals. Hire someone to deal with these issues or delegate more responsibilities in order to focus on the most important tasks. 

Put your best foot forward 

Everyone wants a win. If you stick your neck out for your clients, provide them the best service and get them results, you will be rewarded for it. It’s easy to do the thing that gets you the most money, but your clients come to you looking for the best decision for their business. You need to have their interests at heart when making these decisions going forward. You’ll still get what’s yours, but you’ll get it a fair way and will build one heck of a referral business in the process. 

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Put on your listening hat 

Listen to clients’ issues, listen again, and then offer your advice. Better yet, recap their problem first so you know you have properly understood what is going on. 

Too many people are too quick to offer “advice” that is simply wrong or not well-thought out. When you’re presenting a solution to a client, make sure it is feasible and reasonable for them, given their circumstances. 

Work together

This is often the first lesson we are ever taught as people (like, in kindergarten) and yet so many of us do not know how to work together effectively. 

By getting everyone “on board” and explaining your vision to your Firm, you can achieve your goals much more quickly than on your own. Plus, you’ll have many more people working towards the common goal, which is far more beneficial than a solo effort. 


There you have it, seven *mindsets* required to embrace the Cash Management route for your firm this year. In order to achieve your goals through Cash Management Advisory Services, you need to think sustainably, take initiative, reverse-engineer your dream career by starting at the end, and focus on what’s important. Ignore the “urgent” unimportant tasks, put your best foot forward, listen first and speak second, and most importantly, work together with your firm to achieve this goal.

Dryrun can help you and your firm to offer Advisory Services through our Partner Program. We have worked with thousands of businesses worldwide to help implement Advisory Services and Cash Management programs. All it takes is a little TLC, some understanding of your processes and workflow, and some cooperation/willingness to learn from your team. 

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So, what’s your story? Why do you want to get into Cash Management? To build a better career? Retire early? Help your clients? Maybe it’s “all of the above.”

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