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It's by helping you that we do in fact succeed, as a company, and as a global economy.

We're REALLY committed to your success

Listen - Selling cash flow software is a hard gig.

All over the world and in astonishing numbers, people think that that saving money is the same as making money.

People think that ignoring their cash flow problems instead of proactively and habitually dealing with them is effective.


Cash flow illiteracy is a thing. Lack of knowledge and appropriate action concerning cash management destroys otherwise profitable and well-intentioned businesses all the time.

People think that ill-kept books can transform poor data into great data inside our system.

Many CPA firms want to offer advisory but aren't sure where to start, how to dig in to the conversations and the relationships that drive them, and have trouble believing just how much value the business owner places on good advice.

The world is truly a web of interconnected activity these days, where stoppages and hazards in distant parts of the world that I will never visit can affect business in my country, my city, and sometimes, even my neighbourhood. Wherever the proverbial butterfly flaps its wings these days, the reverberations are felt hundreds or thousands of miles away. This is especially true of cash management practices and procedures throughout the world. So it's by helping you that we do in fact succeed, as a company, and as a global economy.

We provide answers, make suggestions, pose hard questions about your business and the factors that affect it, listen with empathy, outline gaps as we see them, and suggest different models to suit your needs. We know cash flow is a tough topic and your business means a lot to you. We do our level best to give you accurate and timely information...no matter which time zone you're in.

It's by helping you that we do in fact succeed, as a company, and as a global economy.

Barb Easter, Dryrun

My team and I are here for all of these issues and more. We celebrate your successes and those of your clients. We take your feedback seriously, forgive you automatically when you seem irate, and continue on being available as much as we possibly can. We support our users over video chat, email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and through our beloved Intercom app.

No question is too simple or untimely - reach out to us when you need us and we'll do our best by you.

To our mutual success,

Barb and the Dryrun Team

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