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At Dryrun.com you will get exposed to the growth opportunity of the Pro-Advisor business model and its opportunities in Accounting.

The Rise of the CPA Pro-Advisor

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The Rise of the CPA Pro-Advisor

The Rise of the CPA Pro-Advisor

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The Rise of the CPA Pro-Advisor

The Rise of the CPA Pro-Advisor

Businesses need more from the experts they work with. You can be a part of that change!

Accounting has always been the language of business. Its use has undergone many changes throughout the generations. Regardless of these changes, technology has always played a role in making the job of the accountant a little easier and passing on valuable knowledge to their clients.

With technological advancements, the accountant's ability to interpret statistical values has increased greatly. Advances in technology have given the accountant an advantage in determining data efficiently and effectively. 

Accounting professionals are now able to understand business language, nuances, and trends so naturally that they have become the most trusted advisors of many businesses all over the world. 

Dryrun is helping CPAs to bring their firms to the next level by providing advisory services through our Advisory Partner Program. 

Learn more about the program and its many facets below: 

Advisory Partner Program

Dryrun’s advisory partner program provides a free account for you and wholesale rates on client accounts to help grow your business. 

We would like to welcome you as a Dryrun Partner. Once you have your partner package in place, you can start importing your data immediately and building client forecasts. Your wholesale rate lets you work with clients, access trainers, onboard, and use your wholesale discount on more client accounts. And you can get started right away. 

Partners: Advisory Opportunity & Key Features

With our Partner Program, we aim to elevate the value of our Partners' service offerings by providing them with relevant and timely practical advice on how to manage their clients' cash position and plan for their future.

These features will not only help you to easily improve the client experience for your existing clientele but will help build your or your firm’s business even further.  

We help to keep our clients in business, and by extension, keep our Partners’ clients in business as well. We help teach our partners’ clients about how to handle cash flow and how to effectively grow their business process through cash forecasting and financial modeling. 

Furthermore, we offer amazing tools, like our Insights Panel, that help our Partners integrate their client’s data into our platform and provide them with actionable information to work with their clients on.

Partner Discovery & Selection

We have a dedicated process for Partner Discovery & Selection to allow our collective teams to better understand your current services offering. Our aim is to help you better understand Financial Modeling & Cash Management as we move forward.

Our team works to follow a vetted process – from introduction calls to setting objectives. This process has worked for thousands of advisory clients across the globe: 

  • Remove pre-assumptions of prior cash management knowledge
  • Consulting vs Advisory vs Implementation
  • Cloud-based bookkeeping requirements
  • Scope of Work Development
  • AP/AR Management
  • Risk Identification and Process Improvement
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Pricing of Your Services
  • Service Offering to Your Clients

Partner On-Boarding

To make sure our clients understand the full value of Dryrun and our cash management consulting services, we have deliberately designed a comprehensive Partner Onboarding process.

Our consultants work with you to identify key areas for partnership and validation once the Discovery and Selection processes have been completed. This includes:

  • ROI Validation (Services, Offerings, New Clients)
  • DIY Elements (self-serve)
  • Reporting Environment (Weekly, Monthly)
  • Advisory Opportunities
  • Concerns & Delivery of Services

Partner Privileges

Dryrun Partners will all receive free Dryrun staff accounts for client management (plus a CRM), a site license opportunity to manage all your clients, custom partner-exclusive coaching and training, staff onboarding and implementation, ongoing support, and training materials as our software continues to evolve, and a partner badge for your website. 

We are also able to provide advanced training and certification in Dryrun plus exposure to thousands of businesses in our network. 

Next Steps

It’s easy to take your business to the next level by becoming a Pro-Advisor. You can start this process by becoming a Dryrun Partner and booking a discovery call with one of our agents. 

We make it easy and convenient to schedule training and show you the ropes of client implementation. 

If you’re not ready to make the jump just yet, don’t worry! You can check out our Advisory Panel and try some demo accounts to truly experience all that Dryrun has to offer.


It is the language of the next generation of accounting professionals that the CPA/Firm is now utilizing. This article has discussed how some of the many advancements in accounting technology included in the Dryrun platform, and how this technology can help the next generation of accountants to provide management and consulting services. 

With today's computing capability, accountants can perform statistical accounting or forecasting analysis with greater efficiency than they ever have before. Gone are the days where Accountants simply provide basic accounting, auditing, and tax preparation. 

The advent of accounting technology has allowed the accountant to find new challenges earlier than decades ago as it has eliminated the number of crunchers working on people’s taxes. It has allowed the accountant to discover the wealth of experience that technology has offered.

The use of technology in accounting has been significant in creating many different career opportunities as well as career stability for professional accountants. And we hope that you will consider using Dryrun for all your Pro-Advisor Accounting needs.

Dryrun delivers clear, actionable forecasts in a fraction of the time you spend in spreadsheets.

Book your DISCOVERY CALL to learn about the Dryrun advantage or start your FREE TRIAL today!

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