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Become a Business Advisor without being a CPA or CFO

The Non-Accountant Perspective of Cash Management

Finance is a lucrative industry with a wide range of jobs that pays high salaries and bonuses. Due to the growing number of financial players in the market, employees in the industry earn large salaries every year.


Managing our finances can be a mystery to many of us. The goal of saving for a rainy day and retirement is well known. We know credit scores can affect whether or not we can get a loan. We also know that managing debt is important. But most financial knowledge ends there for most people, even business owners. We rely on financial advisors for this reason.


Whether you are helping clients meet their retirement goals or helping small businesses stay afloat and become profitable, we need qualified cash management advisors more than ever!


A Master of Finance is not required to become a financial advisor. In particular, you need to learn and understand a wide range of matters related to investments, insurance, and financial management.How would you go about acquiring such knowledge? First things first.

What Is A Financial Advisor?

Financial advisors advise clients on the best ways to manage their money, whether they are individuals or businesses. These professionals know the market well and can provide you with advice about saving methods, investment strategies, and insurance products. However, they are not specialized in investing, even though they know the market. However, they can still be useful to help shape an overall financial strategy.


Stocks and savings are only a small part of investing. The best way to invest your money depends a lot on your goals as well. In either case, make sure that your money is set up securely, no matter whether you manage your investments yourself or entrust them to someone else.You must achieve your specific goals with regards to cash management in the most effective way possible.


Now, you’re not going to be acting as a financial planner, or even as a certified financial advisor in terms of money management in stocks or other investments. With Dryrun, you will be able to take basic accounting knowledge of cash and cash management, while using our suite of forecasting tools to complete “what if” analysis for your clients.


You will be able to play out any scenario and how it may impact their finances and cash flow directly, so they can come to you before making any big decisions in terms of finance.


Your main goal with Dryrun will be to guide clients towards financial stability, whether it be in business or directly relating to their life.


A good financial plan can benefit people of all income levels. Remember, the best time for your clients to hire a financial advisor is when you’re not sure whether you need one!


Financial advisors are not officially recognized by any organization. For that reason, receiving investment advice requires you to be certified. If this is your goal, there is a lot that you need to learn.


If you are a consultant and your goal is to help clients in terms of cash management and daily accounting using tools readily at their disposal, Dryrun is the platform for you. Using cash flow forecasting you can identify where there is opportunity in the numbers that your client is presenting, and advise them how to pursue these opportunities or mitigate risks.


You will also be able to show your clients how to save time with their accounting through automatic import as and analysis.Share this information with leadership teams, colleagues and advisors, with Dryrun’s collaboration features.


Identify risks and opportunities in your clients’ sales pipelines while optimally managing cash flow through forecasts and risk analysis features. You don’t need to be an accountant to put together a powerful budget that packs a punch. Let Dryrun do it for you.


This is a great opportunity for you to expand your consulting business by offering advisory services. And don’t worry, we do train you on the platform as part of our partner program!


Learn more about how you can get started with Dryrun today. This is a simple and flexible solution that will help expand your business operations and drastically change your relationships with your clients.

See if Dryrun is a fit for you.