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Magicians make the unbelievable happen before your eyes - at Dryrun we show you the secrets and let you perform your own magic for your clients.

It's Not Magic - It's called Process Management

...but we do like being called Magicians.

Many of our Partners think that we are performing magic when we take them through the processes, we have created to support CPA Practices moving into Advisory Services. It's far from magic, but we do thank you for the recognition. 

It's experience, knowledge and an ability to look inside the Partner/Client environment and find out the pressure points and the solutions to bring about this "magical" state of process management and finding performance opportunities.

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Change sometimes appears slowly when viewed in the present but can have a dramatic impact on your accounting practice after several years.

As a long-time tax and accounting professional, of course you'll recognize the biggest changes over the past few years have been thanks to technology. Accounting standards have had a few major alterations, but the real changes have come from the way the firm interacts with clients, along with how you conduct your back-office functions.

Most accountants have switched to cloud-based accounting and tax compliance systems and have encouraged their clients to do the same. And more recently, consumers and businesses have begun using mobile apps and accounting systems more frequently.

But these are simply the “tools required for the job.” The adoption of technology doesn’t indicate how client and firm management is handled, and almost never indicates a firm's efficiency.

Workflow reference can be defined in different ways and means different things to different people. But most workflow or “process management” describes in somewhat how client engagement with back system processes of their CPA firms. The most advanced technology cannot replace a broken process management system. 

Every accounting firm has a process management system, whether it is defined by process management software or not. And just because every firm has a workflow, doesn’t mean it is flowing well. 

Optimizing process management means understanding how clients interact with your internal processes and how internal processes interact with each other. It also requires you to understand how to best assess and optimize the effectiveness of your implemented processes. You must understand how work is delegated and flows throughout your firm, before making changes to any existing processes.

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Start by examining your processes and standardizing them throughout the firm, if this is not already the status quo. Standardizing your processes (part of process management) while analyzing them facilitates the process of redefining them and removing inefficiencies. This then leads to standardized process management being written into firm policy.

In the past, it was widely believed that the best way to ensure a more efficient workflow was to use a comprehensive suite of software programs, meaning everything would be integrated. While this does make sense to have the entire firm on the same software, this is a long shot from becoming a truly integrated firm in terms of process management. 

This is why we have created processes to support CPA Practices moving into Advisory Services!

We already have the necessary experience, knowledge and an ability to take the Partner-Client relationship to the next level and roll out a firm-wide solution of process management to help your firm adopt this new practice. 

Consider how your firm manages the following processes:

  • Time and billing for clients
  • Document and due-date management
  • Client services, accounting, and document automation
  • Payroll 
  • Client portals and hosting services 

An efficient process management system would track work time in real-time for staff members on each engagement. Knowing costs and time spent is crucial for managing productivity, even when a flat-fee or fixed rate is used for billing. 

In many cases, automation of tax preparation and payroll processes has reduced paperwork and turned what used to be labor-intensive, low-margin services into potentially higher-margin ones. This in itself is a form of process management, but we will show you how to further integrate your systems as a CPA firm transitioning to advisory services.

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Changing technology usage and changing needs of firms and clients are driving the need for changes in how work processes flow through a professional practice.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, process management is a concept that firm partners need to constantly assess and evaluate in order to ensure maximum productivity.To learn more on how we support our Partners and CPA Practices moving into Advisory Services, contact us today to get started.

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