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Consolidate multiple entities...with or without FX using Dryrun's cash flow modeling platform

Feature Focus: Consolidating Data

Multiple entities are no problem to model in Dryrun's system

Feature Basics

Available on Dryrun’s Advanced plan and Partner plans, consolidate allows uses to merge scenarios to view complex or multi-tentity what-ifs.

Enter an existing Forecast that contains 2 or more scenarios that are relevant to each other.

  • Hover over the Forecast Title to access the 'Consolidate' link.
  • A menu appears asking which Scenarios you'd like to consolidate
  • Toggle Scenarios and adjust timeframe.
  • After consolidation is complete, you can then view the new Scenario at the bottom of your Scenario list. Colour features assist users in knowing which scenarios have been consolidated.
  • Change your data as appropriate.

**Note that consolidated reports are viewable in Monthly view, and that data must be re-consolidated when new information has been added.

User mindset

“What is the most efficient way to view operational cash flow across entities singly and together?”

“How can I show my team the consolidated data easily?”

“How do I quickly model operational changes across entities for upcoming quarters?”

Sometimes we receive questions like this one:

Hi Barb, I'm the CFO for a multi-national company with entities on a couple of continents. I've heard that Dryrun can consolidate fiancial information across currencies. Is this the case?


Short answer, yup.

New Users

When users start in the Dryrun platform, they’re typically delighted to realize that they can bring a separate entity’s accounting file into a unique scenario within the same forecast. Users should be encouraged to engage with the appropriate Dryrun plan level if there are data consolidation considerations, in order to maximize time on platform and operational and strategic communication with their team.

Success Criteria

Seasoned users know that the real muscle in consolidations lies within scenario and project planning. Trend is for users to engage more fully with various consolidations to continue helping their clients and team make high value decisions at the pace of business.

Use Cases

Use Case 1 - Multiple Entities

CFO is focused on ensuring each entity stays cash flow positive; a holistic view of which entities are cash poor and when is useful as operations between the entities cycle through growth, etc.

  • Create a new scenario, named appropriately, import data set 1
  • Create a new scenario, named appropriately, import data set 2
  • Hover on Forecast title and use Consolidate to merge scenarios into a new (dark) scenario below, rename
  • Use ‘Reconsolidate’ after refreshing data imports
  • Model as needed

Use Case 2 - Sales Pipeline Modeling

Business user is focused on modeling the impact of a certain sales strategy (either product or personnel specific) over a period of time to gauge revenues to offset costs and fuel growth. Modeling sales in a separate scenario and then consolidating the sales scenario with cash flow actuals allows the user to ‘peel off’ and reapply a set of variables quickly and easily and allows for strategic perspective taking.

See if Dryrun is a fit for you.