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Fear of the unknown: cash flow management advisory

Why are you not offering Cash Flow Management Advisory services at your firm? 

People are looking for CPA advisors. It’s almost an undisputed fact nowadays; your clients don’t know what to do with their information and analytics, and they are going to other firms that offer advisory services because they need advice.

But it’s easy to help provide a clear path (with many possible options) for your clients with tools like Dryrun. 

And don’t worry, we get it. Other tools have not brought you a solution that you were looking for. Maybe you weren’t even looking for a way to provide Cash Flow Advisory services in the first place. But the fact of the matter is that your clients will soon be looking for these services from their CPA/firms as they are preparing to face even more challenges brought to their businesses by the COVID pandemic. 

Don’t be afraid to add a new service to your repertoire! Your clients need this (whether they know it or not) and you need a software partner you can depend on. 

Dryrun is the best answer for cash flow management and advisory services.

So, why aren’t you offering Cash Flow Management Advisory services at your firm yet? 

We bet it’s because of a number of reasons like: 

  1. Your clients haven’t asked for it yet 
  2. You don’t feel confident offering the service/aren’t trained 
  3. You haven’t found the right software to work with 

Well, it’s time to update your website because for the first time, with Dryrun, you can be confident in your advisory services. 

The visibility provided by Dryrun is unparalleled by other cash flow management services, and the model scenarios will give your clients the confidence they are making the right decision for their business. 

Plus, no more clunky software, excel spreadsheets, or old-fashioned modeling required. Use Dryrun to save time while delivering actionable insights for your clients. You can even track various risk factors while highlighting potential issues. 

CPA firms that provide options for their clients are quickly eclipsing firms that do not offer this streamlined process.

Providing your clients with snapshot insights at the drop of a hat is far more valuable to them than waiting for a monthly report. And so is the risk management/potential optimizations that are available through the Dryrun software.   

What Dryrun provides for your clients. 

Built by a team with a true background in business, we know what your clients need to feel secure with your team. 

Dryrun provides highly customizable data imports, with a number of integrations to the most popular accounting software, so you don’t need to worry about manually uploading data. Plus, the visuals are stunning and easy to read/understand. 

Our detailed auto forecast helps your clients make informed decisions and the collaboration tools allow for unmatched flexibility. 

Scenario modeling tools allow you to present a number of options to your clients in order to provide a tremendous amount of value for them. 

The Dryrun platform is automatic to save time, with full manual control to visually model key opportunities and risks…allowing flexible strategy at the pace of biz ops and not a second slower.


If you or your firm are not currently offering Cash Flow Management Advisory services for any reason, Dryrun is the solution to your problems. 

Current clients will be delighted with the addition to your services and will be more likely to renew with you because of the added value. Potential clients will be drawn to your firm as a CPA offering advisory based on their raw business data. 

You can also provide easy, shared access to data for management, accountants, investors, and bankers with any time/anywhere access. 

Dryrun provides quick, forward-looking customized budgeting, cash management, forecasting, and modeling that you can pass along to your clients to help them maintain or grow their businesses. 

Our partner firms using Dryrun with their clients are also promoted on our website, providing them with exposure to business resources and opportunities in over 76 countries around the world.

For more information or to sign up for a demo, visit Dryrun.com

See if Dryrun is a fit for you.