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Cash Flow Management is not just for small business but also for Enterprise-sized businesses that have multiple locations and large company structures.

Enterprise Market: Don't be a Stranger to Cash Management

Proper Cash Management services are hard to find. 

One would think that larger corporations with dedicated accounting firms would have comprehensive cash management services at their disposal. Unfortunately, this is not always the case! The reality is that these firms don’t always provide well vetted modelling & cash management practices. 

Visit Dryrun.com to learn better ways to get this done and build better foundations.

Dryrun offers amazing tools, like the Insights Panel, that allows Partners to quickly integrate their clients’ data into the platform and pull quick and actionable intelligence on demand. These insights can be used to provide seamless advisory services regarding cash management and forecasting. 

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Positive Cash Flow is Important

Businesses often emphasize profits, but it’s easy to forget about cash flow. Even profitable companies can fail to have adequate cash flow; failure to operate with adequate cash flow could lead to bankruptcy (worst-case scenario).

There are many ways in which businesses may end up in a cash flow crisis, and it is up to the management of these companies to take steps effectively and proactively to either avoid or mitigate this type of crisis. 

Big businesses and their financial departments constantly look at ways to improve cash flow. You can do this a few ways, through cash modelling forecasts, joining Dryrun as a partner to enjoy and easily provide these services, and by learning about how to properly provide cash management forecasts. 

Cash Modelling Forecasts

Dryrun is for financial advisors looking to know the ‘big picture’ of how operational modeling can be applied to their own business or their clients’ needs.

The software provides brief descriptions of operational models in the context of managing cash and informing revenue forecasts for clients. Along with multiple resources to get started along your accounting and cash management journey. 

Visit Dryrun to learn about our Advisory Partner Program & our 30-Day FREE Trial.

Partner Discovery & Selection

Becoming a Dryrun Partner will allow your firm to expand its current service offering. Our Partner Program works to improve your firm’s knowledge and understanding of Financial Modelling & Cash Management to offer more to your existing clients, or attract new ones based on your new offerings.

There’s no reason for your firm not to offer Cash Management services. The Partner onboarding at Dryrun works with you and your team to validate key areas of opportunity and partnership, including:

  • ROI Validation (Services, Offerings, New Clients)
  • DIY Elements (self-serve)
  • Reporting Environment (Weekly, Monthly)
  • Advisory Opportunities
  • Concerns & Delivery of Services

Using Dryrun not only as your analytic, modelling, and forecasting software but also as your client CRM is a true game-changer for CPA firms across the world. 

Connect your clients’ cloud-based accounting software, provide support/advisory services based on forecasts, set up alerts or notifications, and run various modeling scenarios on-demand from anywhere. 

Cash Management Forecasts

Know about potential shortfalls before they happen, so you can plan ahead and take control of the situation. When you know that your clients will have enough cash on hand, you can advise them on how to grow their businesses.

You can use Dryrun to track invoices, bills, and due dates while importing accounting data from Sage Intacct, Xero and Quickbooks Online. Dryrun allows for complete manual control and flexibility with infinite scenario modeling. 

You can bump overdue items, track partial payments and even auto-forecasts for future cash scenarios. 

Visit Dryrun to learn about our Advisory Partner Program & our 30-Day FREE Trial.

Unlock Opportunities with Cash Management 

To manage your business' cash flow, you need to predict the timing and amount of payments you receive along with payments you need to make. Knowing when you’ll have cash on hand gives you direction and helps you make better decisions.

Manage and Mitigate Potential Risks 

The more you grow and the larger your business gets, the more complicated your finances become. What can you do when your spreadsheet is broken or gets more complicated than you’re able to handle?

Together with highly variable cash positions, you are faced with a blind spot regarding certain business decisions. Dryrun gives you clarity on your numbers, so you have time to react and plan your next move.

Having an in-house accountant that has a finger on the pulse of their clients’ businesses allows for multiple scenarios and forecasts based on a number of “what-ifs”. This advice can be a game-changer not only to smaller or startup businesses, but to large corporations that have not been able to invest in their accounting departments until this point. 

Keeping Everyone in the Loop

When you use Dryrun’s powerful collaborative features, you can share time-sensitive forecasts with your leadership team, partners, and advisors.

  • Share your forecasts and scenarios with other Dryrun users
  • Control access to read and write or read-only
  • Manage users easily by adding members to your account.

How to Improve Cash Flow

There are a number of steps you can take to improve the cash flow of your business (or your clients’ businesses). Not every step will work for every business, so proper forecasting and modeling is required in order to determine the appropriate course of action. 

Some strategies to improve cash flow include: increasing prices, reducing expenses, selling off excess inventory, negotiating terms/credit with suppliers, mergers or acquisitions, sale of non-essential assets, delays on business investments, close unprofitable sectors or divisions, refinancing or fundraising. 

Of course, no business could ever pursue every strategy listed above in order to improve their cash flow. This is why professional Cash Management services are so crucial for the success of your business. 

First, because they can help you to avoid having to take some of these steps and will allow your business to continue operating profitably while remaining in the black. And second, because they can help forecast the outcomes of some of these many scenarios in order to provide advice on the best avenue to pursue. 

Improving your cash flow does not happen overnight, but there are many steps you can take that provide more “instant” results than others. Knowing which step to take and how it will affect yours or your clients’ business, however, is the biggest challenge. 

Modelling and forecasting as a Dryrun Partner can make a world of difference, and you will be glad you took steps to help your business provide these services to enterprise clients. 

Visit Dryrun to learn about our Advisory Partner Program & our 30-Day FREE Trial.


If you have questions on how Dryrun can help your business with cash management for enterprise-level clients, schedule your demo and introduction call today or visit our website. To become a Dryrun Partner, book your discovery call here or visit our website for more information.

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