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Cloud-based SaaS Can be Your Pandemic Era Super Power

Humans don’t like to change. We avoid it at all costs, fighting it until the bitter end. It’s only when we are forced to do something differently, kicking and screaming all the way, that we make lasting change. But the fear of adopting something different eventually shifts into acceptance and then a new normal is established. Then we can’t see how we functioned without it.

That is a pretty apt image for how 2020 has gone, isn’t it? We’ve had change thrust upon us, and now it’s either adapt or die. If you choose the first option, then taking advantage of cloud-based systems can be the differentiator that allows you to thrive in these troubling times.

The cloud can be your scalable and adaptable savior as you make your speedy transition to a digital world.

Any scale, any time

The flexible nature of a SaaS allows services to move up and down at will. Costly infrastructure is eliminated. Businesses have the unlimited potential to grow and the ability to pull back at a moment’s notice. 

For high growth industries, the only limits are how fast they can scale. The amount of market share they can grab will be determined by how quickly they can approach the field. Traditional businesses move slowly. They gain ground and lose at yesterday’s pace. If this year has shown us anything, it is that we need the ability to make drastic shifts to personnel at any moment. 

Working on the cloud allows businesses to add and subtract users on a scale that they could never do in an office.

Adapt to the situation at hand

Giving your team the tool they need to be effective is the role of today’s infrastructure. Needs change, and you can’t always have someone onsite to set up a new system. Having the ability to communicate within departments to collaborate remotely and share information around the clock is the key to success.

Projects and deadlines are no longer restricted to geography. For companies that embrace this, they will open the doors to get more done. Leveraging the computing power of the cloud allows mobile devices to be just as effective as laptops.

Transitioning to digital

The change has been coming for years, but this crisis has accelerated it. As bandwidth becomes the string that holds us together, there is no option but to lean into it. Developing the tools to get teams on the same page either by synchronous or asynchronous methods is how business has to get done. 

This is a paradigm shift that will ripple through every industry for years to come. The realization that we aren’t limited to the ways that we did things before will ultimately liberate employees from their offices and allow managers to focus on results instead of micromanaging.The idea that the world is going back to the way it was is a false lead. The world is irreparably altered for better or worse. We get to decide which direction we head. Using cloud computing and SaaS services to your advantage can ensure you’ll come out of these interesting times stronger, not weaker.

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