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Here are 7 great tips to help you get on track to building great relationships with your clients.||Here are 7 great tips to help you get on track to building great relationships with your clients.

7 Ways to Offer the Best Customer Service

It sounds simple, but many entrepreneurs miss the mark when it comes to offering the best customer service possible. Customers purchase from people they know and trust. Here are 7 great tips to help you get on track to building great relationships with your clients.

Exceed expectations.

Always deliver your product or service on time or early, and be organized in your documentation, project management and communication. It’s easy to be mediocre, but it takes effort and dedication to provide excellent customer service. Remember, without your customers, you wouldn’t be here!

Identify opportunities to enhance value.

Understand your business and care about their business to build trust. Some companies will “throw in” a small additional service in order to prove you are willing to go the extra mile, others will “bundle” services to save their client money. Everyone wants value for money, make sure your customers are getting that, and more.

Help your customer to understand you.

By understanding your systems and taking the time to teach them how to use your product or service, you will effectively “train” them to work well with you. Helping them understand will prevent confusion and anger, and will set the right expectations right up front.

Find ways to say yes.

Whenever possible, find a way to work with your client to a favourable outcome. It doesn’t always work, but try to refrain from using negative words when responding to a request. Instead of saying “Unfortunately that isn’t something we do”, phrase it in positive terms. Thank them for their query and respond with what you can do. Working with your client to come to a respectful compromise is always better than a “no”.

Keep your values and business goals.

There is a fine balance between being good to your clients and letting them walk all over you. Many clients, when given an inch, will take several miles. The customer isn’t always right, but there’s always a right way to deal with their needs.

Treat your staff like gold.

If your staff are customer facing, whether it’s in person or on the phone or online, there’s nothing worse than treating them poorly. Respect and appreciation go a long way towards building loyalty, and loyal staff will always do the best they can for you and your customers. The attitude they receive from you will be directly reflected in how they behave toward your clients!

Listen to your customer.

Ask for feedback regularly on your products or services. So many businesses forget this all important aspect. Find a way to engage your clients with a survey, or personalized questions pertaining to their experiences to ensure you are meeting their expectations. If you’re not providing the things your customers want, they will find it elsewhere!

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